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    Mazinger Z: Paladin de le Justicia Lanza Puno


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    HA! If it had a proper

    HA! If it had a proper trigger this would be the coolest thing ever..

    It's like those guns that shoot out the flag that says 'bang!'

    eitlobsaboo's picture
    Posted by eitlobsaboo on 28 April, 2010 - 01:47

    This is so cool! Worthy for your collection, Dave!

    BTW it reminds me of that scene in "Top Secret"!

    Leonardo Flores
    CollectionDX Staff Writer-West Coast Bureau

    Showapop's picture
    Posted by Showapop on 28 April, 2010 - 10:27
    I would walk around with

    I would walk around with this on my belt.

    jacksauce's picture
    Posted by jacksauce on 29 April, 2010 - 19:42
    Ditto...I think this baby

    Ditto...I think this baby rocks, unfortunately I think you need two.

    Mr.Kaji's picture
    Posted by Mr.Kaji on 3 May, 2010 - 20:40
    yeah nekro!

    rocketto punch!!!^__^
    ..i want it...

    majin z's picture
    Posted by majin z on 30 May, 2011 - 15:20