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    That's good to know that the

    That's good to know that the quality's improving on these, because I'm really considering the upcoming AGP Naka.

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    Posted by VZMK2 on 11 February, 2015 - 09:44
    A lovely vessel

    I'm also thrilled to see Bandai zeroing in on quality. It seems they can be very hit-or-miss with female figures, but maybe they are finding the range now.

    I agree that Atago could use a bit more girth below the waterline, but she still looks great. Her costume is an odd one, but they did it justice. How natural does she look in person alongside the Figmas? I feel like Bandai faces are prone to being very pale and without the subtle shading that Figmas have, but in your photos she looks very natural.

    Also, not to give any spoilers, but I started watching "The Boats," and I'll just say that there was a historically accurate event in episode 3 that could really make the show amazingly dark if carried to its logical conclusion. I don't think it'll go that way, but I have enough hope to keep watching...

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    Posted by Corduroy Bear on 12 February, 2015 - 00:26
    The face

    Atago's face looks pretty close to any of the figmas but her hair isn't quite as refined. She does look a lot nicer than Yamato overall though.

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    Posted by VF5SS on 12 February, 2015 - 11:13