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    Mother of Ultra


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    Nice Review! Now, off to

    Nice Review!

    Now, off to Hawaii!!

    I don't want to give Bandai any ideas but I could see a three pack with exclusive accessories like leis, ukeleles and poi...

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    Posted by Hellbot on 9 June, 2014 - 10:17
    This is single-handedly the

    This is single-handedly the greatest thing I've seen on the internet today. My life will never be the same.

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    Posted by Dkun on 9 June, 2014 - 20:51
    Good review, I've been back

    Good review, I've been back and forth about getting her, and thought if I found a cheaper used one I'd go for it , now I know to look for should paint scraping.

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    Posted by Gazbot on 9 June, 2014 - 13:52
    Great review

    This was a great review indeed! I wasn't going to get it, but the review swayed me into buying one. MISB and shipped for $68 wasn't bad at all either. ;)


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    Posted by The Mazinger Z on 26 July, 2014 - 12:27