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    Dokidoki! Precure Trading Figures

    Dokidoki! Precure Trading Figures
    Dokidoki! Precure Trading Figures
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    Review by VIR

    Dokidoki! Precure is the tenth show in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure series and also commemorates the series’ tenth anniversary. Each week we follow the adventures of Mana and her friends as they defend the world from the evil Trumps!

    With this, Bandai gives us the Dokidoki Precure trading figures from, of course, Dokidoki! Precure. Part of their candy toy line, these toys are fun little figures of your favorite ‘Cures.

    Let’s review:

    Each Precure comes in her own box specifically printed for each one. Show art and figure art are present and make quite a nice looking box.

    box front

    box side

    These figures all look pretty great. Each one’s colors are dull and matte with very little gloss or shine; this is great as the ‘Cures in Dokidoki are of that same vein, which I find greatly pleasing. By that fact alone, however, the paint applications are quite flat and not ornate; there is no shading or different hues on the figures. There is also plenty of overspray and lumpy paint. Of course, these figures are about 350 yen a piece, so no gripes here.


    All details are present from their onscreen counter-parts and are well sculpted. There are raised badges and ridges on their suits and plenty of fringing details such as hair and bows. Their sculpts feel a little weak in the depth department and there are production bits on them, but, alas, these figures are small and cheap. Taking that into consideration, they do well.

    Cure Sword.

    sword front

    ISO front

    ISO Back

    Cure Diamond

    front diamond

    is front d

    iso back d

    Cure Heart

    heart front

    ISO front heart

    iso back heart

    Cure Rosetta

    rosetta front

    iso front rose

    r iso back

    Nope, none here.

    Each girl stands at exactly 3 ? inches.


    Each girl comes with two things:
    - A personalized stand


    Each stand is personalized for each Precure. Each one has its respective Cure’s name printed on it and is tailored to each one’s foot placement. Each Cure fits snugly on her foot pegs and is secured upright with an additional arm.

    The soda candy is also delicious.
    I mean, that’s the real reason why we get these toys, am I right?

    The main gimmick of these toys is that they are to be traded amongst your friends. Not too much of an incentive for this seeing as how cheap they are, but alas.

    Closing Remarks:
    These little figures are perfectly cute and awesome. Though they suffer from somewhat weak sculpt and sloppy paint, these figures, being as small and as cheap as they are, more than get away it and make wonderfully charming display. If you want a cheap and adorable physical representation of this year’s Precure troupe, then pick these little guys up, as you won’t be disappointed.

    Posted 11 February, 2013 - 16:38 by VIR