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    Sky Shadow


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    Thanks for the history lesson

    Thanks for the history lesson on this one, although I wasn't really a transformers collector then and now, I do love the weirdness that was the end of G1 and always leaning about these toys. This a fantastic figure and when I first looked at it quickly I thought it was an unknown G1 figure I had never seen, they did a good job capturing that.

    I believe since Black Shadow is so generic that trademarking the name was going to be difficult and hard to defend, Sky Shadow on the other hand seems a bit more easier to protect legally, especially if the name had not been taken.

    Sometimes it is as easy to figure out these odd names changes by looking at it through lawyers eyes!


    Showapop's picture
    Posted by Showapop on 13 March, 2012 - 10:05
    Dang it's only been a year

    Dang it's only been a year since I watched Victory but I do not remember this guy at all! Toy still looks nice though.

    Great job!

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    Posted by ArshadAA on 13 March, 2012 - 13:55
    Hey, don't forget about the

    Hey, don't forget about the little drone that comes off the nose of the plane! It's a neat little feature.

    Anyway, I LOVE this figure! I had to look up his past, honestly. I didn't know who he was, but I friggin' love the look, and he turned out to be a fantastic toy. I prefer to let the vehicle mode suffer so long as the robot mode is poseable and fun to play with.

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    Posted by Alexx on 14 March, 2012 - 09:41