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    GBP-1S Armor


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    A lot of great Classics this Month!

    Between my TT Orguss, the Gakken Legios, Wheeled Warriors and this review we covered a lot of great classic and landmark 1980's toys this month!!

    I remember seeing these as a kid back in the 1980's but even then they were $100+ toy. It's time to buy some TT Valkyries for my collection including this beautiful set!

    Cheers! LF

    Leonardo Flores
    CollectionDX Staff Writer-West Coast Bureau

    Showapop's picture
    Posted by Showapop on 22 December, 2009 - 12:42
    the mighty have fallen

    This used to be the Holy Grail of Macross TT pieces, going for hundreds of dollars. Now it's not uncommon to see it for around $100. The same goes for most of the TT stuff, so if you have a little extra to spare and have always wanted one of these, it's actually a great time to grab one.

    Even with my 1/48 set standing next to it, this piece represents what was once the pinnacle of Macross toys, making it a must-have.

    duke togo's picture
    Posted by duke togo on 22 December, 2009 - 13:03

    This is totally one of my favorite toys. I have the Armored Valkyrie giftset, though, so mine has a VF-1S inside of it instead. I never thought to try to put it in gerwalk mode with the armor on! I'll have to try that!

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    Posted by Ginrai on 22 December, 2009 - 16:44
    I love the armored gerwalk

    I love the armored gerwalk mode - excellent!


    CollectionDX Admin

    JoshB's picture
    Posted by JoshB on 22 December, 2009 - 16:45

    WAHHHHH!!!! It's not canon!!!


    Leonardo Flores
    CollectionDX Staff Writer-West Coast Bureau

    Showapop's picture
    Posted by Showapop on 22 December, 2009 - 17:33
    Armored Gerwalk

    Wasn't there a sketch of an "Armored Gerwalk" for the VF-1? It had some big armor piece with verniers on the front and a double-cannon turret mounted on the back.

    It actually looks pretty decent. Maybe time for a fan-created "front" armor piece? Use the major details from the existing torso armor and just invent the rest. I could see the breast missile launchers moving down to the engine-intake area, for example.

    RobotBastard's picture
    Posted by RobotBastard on 23 December, 2009 - 14:10
    Ah, here IS a classic toy

    Ah, here IS a classic toy that I was happy to score some time ago. Your price range is dead on, as I got mine for around $150. Damn good stuff.

    I wonder if Yamato is developing a GBP-1S for their 2.0 1/60 Valks. Bah, who cares? Vintage rules! Dan, I know you don't normally collect the old stuff, but I'll bet this is right up your alley...especially with all the DX Brave toys you've been reviewing!


    Sanjeev's picture
    Posted by Sanjeev on 23 December, 2009 - 18:14
    Yamato is developing a

    Yamato is developing a GBP-1S. I broke the news on this very website.


    VF5SS's picture
    Posted by VF5SS on 25 December, 2009 - 22:11
    Multi tool?

    Awsome Dan! Thanks for taking some great pics showing the different variations/colors. You sure put all those valks to work right quick!

    I'm hoping to pick up an "on hold" set, one of our buddies has, real soon for my valks.

    You can just see the VF-1A thinking he's all slick, "Oh yeah, hehehh...I'll pull tons of chicks while they think I'm a VF-1S in this super-cool armor. Who's your daddy now, huh?"

    repairtechjon's picture
    Posted by repairtechjon on 23 December, 2009 - 21:18
    Sho-ho-ho-hogundan, I

    Sho-ho-ho-hogundan, I obviously have several TT 1/55 Supers, so I know how they attach their FAST Packs. But where/how are the Armored parts attached?
    CollectionDX Staff

    EVA_Unit_4A's picture
    Posted by EVA_Unit_4A on 26 December, 2009 - 01:06
    Just count the visible seam

    Just count the visible seam lines.

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    Posted by VF5SS on 27 December, 2009 - 09:35