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    MEGA Brands provides stimulating creative experiences for children and families through innovative, well-designed, affordable and high-quality products that are marketed worldwide under leading brands such as MEGA BLOKS?, ROSE ART?, MAGNETIX? and BOARD DUDES?.

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    NYTF2014: Mega Brands

    Halo, Call of Duty, Power Rangers, Kapow and... Spongebob?

    2019-05-15 13:56
    NYCC 2012: Mega Bloks: World of Warcraft

    NYCC 2012: Mega Bloks: World of Warcraft

    Any excuse for more Mega Bloks dragons is a good one.

    2019-05-15 12:45
    NYCC 2012: Mega Blocks: Halo

    NYCC 2012: Mega Blocks: Halo

    Mega blocks had some amazing HALO sets on display, including a fantastic mech walker!

    2019-05-15 12:45
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