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    Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos

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    No. Toy namesort icon Year
    GX-39 Baikanfu 2007
    07 Baikanfu 2011
    MR-C Baikanfu 1986
    MR-04 Battle Robo 2017
    EM03 Blue Jet 2012
    GR-3 Double Rock 1985
    DX Bike Robo 2018
    MR-36 Gobot Block Head 1984
    MR-49 Heat Seeker 1985
    11 Kenryu 2008
    MR-08 Missile Tank Robo 2017
    MR-07 Shuttle Robo 2017
    BW-2 Sidelanser 1986
    BW-1 Tank Transer 1985
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