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    arcticreaver's picture

    Collecting toys only recently. I wanted to get Akuma toys so I've got some of the Akumas from Sota Toys, I am also a very big fan of Metal Gear Solid Series, I've decided to collection the games and the toy collections. Recently purchased all the MEDICOM Snake toys.

    Siren's picture

    I don't have much of a (figure) collection to speak of yet. However, I have a wide variety of anime in my video library. I'm partial to what my boyfriend calls "the wierd ones" like XXXHolic and Vampire Knight. Yes, yes, I know.... typical chick stuff, so sue me I'm a girl. I also recently got into manga(thanks Atom, the monster is growing) and now am following seven series; Dance in the Vampire Bund, Record of a Fallen Vampire, Vampire Knight, Inukami(although i think i'm giving up on this one, can't get into it), Fairy Tail, Shakugan No Shana, and Godchild. Yes, there is a theme here....again, sue me!

    Drew's picture

    I have been collecting art Toys for 3 years or so. When i was a kid i loved Lego, Star Wars etc. i didn't really collect anything for a long time until i stumbled upon Urban Vinyl.

    I love underground art, outsider art, pop surrealism, graffiti. These toys are extension of my appreciation of those cultures. I view them as Sculpture, affordable art in limited editions, like prints.

    GP_Rice_Burner's picture

    I was born and raised in the San Francisco Chinatown area and have been in love with Japanese robot toys ever since I learned how to beg for things from my grandparents. Like most adult collectors, my enthusiasm wavered during my teen years, but my love for toys was reawakened when I started collecting Beast Wars Transformers.

    During this time, I started collecting toys with a small group of friends. We would revel in our toy runs to every Target, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart in the tri-county area. Soon, I was digging in my parents garage for my old vintage Takatoku, Takara, Gakken, and Bandai robots. Sadly, some were missing. I’ve attempted to replace my missing childhood companions, pick up a few toys I always wanted but never could attain as a pint sized money pit, and build a respectable collection of vintage and new Japanese robots.

    I’ve narrowed my collecting tastes down considerably to a few lines, which include Transformers, DX Brave Series, DX Godaikins, and Tatsunoko inspired Takatoku toys (with a sprinkling of high quality Gundam releases).

    I'm currently employed as a staff content producer for a video game website in the Bay Area and I'm spearheading a project to create a modest movie, and toy review site (Coming soon).

    macrossjs's picture

    I was born and raised in the Philippines. During my childhood years grew up on Macross, Voltez V, Daimos, Voltron (Lions and Vehicles) Also love Transformers, very first Valk I got was Gen1 Jetfire (Hikaru VF-1S CM)

    fisherman's picture

    Ultraman toys - Vintage 1960-70's, Ultraman soft vinyl figures and related items make up most of my collection. I was born and raised in the US, but when i was small a christmas gift box of strange toys from Japan , planted a seed in my mind, that would influnence my career and artwork whne I grew up.

    torr30's picture

    My name is Tim, my collection mostly consists of transformers, but I also collect action figures of all kinds. I have liked transformers since the 1984 cartoon and toys since like forever .I don't have just one type toy that I collect, if it looks good and is designed well and I think that it is cool I'll add to my collection. I started collecting when I was 20,(I am 31 now)I went to a friends house and saw all the toys he had and I was like even though I'm an adult I can still buy TOYS?????? It just snowball from there. I have about 6 to 700 toys maybe more and my collection is still growing.

    chunkypuff31's picture

    I'm a n00b when it comes to Japanese toys. My collection consists of abunch of Gundam models, three Chogokins, and one MSiA. ONE freakin' MSiA. One hell of a collection. But I know quite a bit about Japanese toys. Especially about the ones I don't have:).

    dshaffer's picture

    Current addiction: Busou Shinki. Currently have one of all the general releases, plus a few of the limited editions. Not to big a fan of those, unless it gets a significant remold.

    Past Addictions: Zoids, Transformers, and giant robots in general. The more intricate, the better. Especially if it combines mecha with anime forms or mecha musume.

    sundoggy's picture

    Fans of diecast toys. Gundam, soul of chogokin series, mazinger z, classic Kamen Masked riders...etc. Recently addicted to the saint seiya myth cloth series.

    jasonjupiter's picture

    Lover of bootlegs, mainly those g1 transformer bastards since '98.

    plasticmissile's picture

    A G1 Transformers and pre-Transformers nut. That includes Diaclone, Diakron, Microchange, GiG Transformers, Takatoku, and its other kissing cousins. Not a completist with a super rare collection (although I do have a few special pieces), but I've amassed a nice collection of my favorites.

    Love the classics: Popy/Bandai chogokins and Macross/Robotech. Voltrons, Giant Robo, Mazinger, Getta Robo, Gaiking, and any Valk make my day.

    Pretty much your average 80s RoboFreak.
    Formerly an anime DVD editor moved on to web.

    rlgreg520's picture

    Toys that I'm interested with are Robot Figures that falls within my childhood days which is the 70s. I am a die hard fanatic of Voltes V, Daimos , Raideen , Combattler V , Dangard Ace, Grandizer , Getta Robots , Mazinger , Mekanda and lots more of Robot Figures.

    Torbinbequette's picture

    First toy I ever remember drooling over was the Great Mazinger Shogun Warrior when I was 4 years old, been going strong ever since. I'm most interested in 1980's - 1990's transforming or combining toys from Bandai / Takara mainly: I love the Godaikin series of course, and I went Brave crazy about 7 years ago and spent waaay too much money tracking down every Brave robot I could find. These days I'm more limited to keeping up with Bandai's newest Sentai toys.