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    mugoi usagi's picture

    Mainly I'm interested in collecting gashapon and resin figures from my favorite series. I also collect ball joint dolls.

    SirAzrael's picture

    If you'd really like to know, ask.

    TFCollectors's picture

    I am huge Transformers Fan and Collector!!!

    aggronautix's picture

    I started a line of scum punk figures called AGGRONAUTIX. So far we've made GG Allin and Tesco Vee of the Meatmen. The Dwarves will be out this summer. I love punk rock toys, that's why I am trying to make them.

    joshua fraser's picture

    I have never really stopped collecting since I got my first chogokin at 5 years of age. Its been 31 years since then.. I was in the hospital as a toddler and my mom bought me a Gaiking Nessar in 79'. The rest was as they say, history.

    I collected 50's/60's tin robots in my teenage years and sold my chogokin collection(which I regret deeply),but as time went on, I began to sell the non character tins in favor of my childhood friends, and then eventually, came full circle with a focus japanese character tins. My main focus is having a smaller but refined collection in place of a massive one where I forget what I have. I focus on getting only MIMB examples when I can, and found that it was a good filter for me, in terms of slowing my collecting down and forcing me to spend money on only the things I really connected with.

    I collect because, I am a collector by nature..from Antique japanese Nihonto, to Turn of the century small press books, to vintage Sukeban and Kurosawa posters. I consider a romantic notion, It is a role as protector of these fragile, beautiful objects that have untill now survived, and continue to do so in my transitory care. They are icons of a culture I have always appreciated deeply, and an design sense that I have attempted to emulate as best my creativity allows.
    I think That is my attraction to perfectly maintained examples of old things... there is a awe to think it managed to stay in its original state despite how rough the world can be.
    I am a Product/footwear designer for Puma here in Boston , and have been a footwear designer for almost 17+ years. My first love is painting and illustration however, and I hope to someday incorporate that into my day job.

    Jeromy's picture

    I started collecting in 1994, mainly vintage Star Wars toys and old Macross model kits, and in 1997 began collecting vintage Transformers and Japanese toys. My collection is not huge, as I do not buy often, but I love what I have. I work for Fed Ex as a delivery courier downtown Chicago and am going to school for Anthropology and Archaeology. I have traveled all over the world including Japan. My main focus has been vintage Gokin and Kaiju but have recently become addicted to Diaclones (whether original Japanese, Diakron or Kronoform I love them all). Right now trying to save as much as I can for my three grails: Fortress X, Great Robot Base and the Godaikin Tetsujin 28. It may take years but I will own them. I also have a collection of Japanese antiques with a ghostly/religious theme.

    Sanjeev's picture

    My love of toys certainly stems from my childhood. I grew up watching--among other things--Voltron, GI Joe, Transformers, Robotech, Tranzor Z, and Jim Terry's beloved Force Five. I didn't have too many toys, but I played the hell outta them! Fortunately, other kids on the block around the same age shared these loves.

    I eventually "grew out of" toys...and moved on to FAR more mature pursuits: comics and anime! Fast forward to college. I ended up picking up the SoC Grendizer on my meager college budget, and it was all over from there.

    Over the years, my tastes have changed quite a bit: pretty much done with comics and anime...and even most modern Japanese robot toys. Living in Massachusetts, I've been blessed with having a solid crew of vintage robot collectors around (JoshB for one!). Now, I'm more focused on vintage gokin, vintage/vintage-style vinyl kaiju (glowies only, for now), and a few odds and ends here and there (Jumbo Machinders and Super Sentai bots, for example).

    Basically, the modern "collector" toy market barely interests me anymore. Sure, they can be gorgeous and virtually identical to their animated counterparts, but they tend to be delicate, floppy, and either come with WAY too many accessories to keep track of or simply be too complex to have any real fun with (most SoC's and TF Binaltechs, for example).

    Don't get me wrong: "collector" toys are fine for what they are, and more power to the people who genuinely enjoy them over their vintage ancestors...but children--not adult collectors--comprise the market these vintage toys were made for. These are the toys that simply exude FUN! Their proportions and gimmicks aren't meant to be accurate...just cool! I enjoy toys that were meant to be played with by imaginative hands!

    medic_wheat's picture

    I've been into action figures since my days of watching Thunder Cats, Transformers, and G.I. Joe on tv...heck it's possibly the reason I joined the Army is due to my love of singing the G.I. Joe song and playing "Army" in the back yard with my figures, neighbor kids, and being a big brother brat to my sister.

    garrod's picture

    I've been a massive fan of mecha anime since I was first introduced to Gundam in the late 1990's since then I have branched off into many different series. I began collecting small Gunpla originally and from there have worked my way up to collecting much larger higher grade/quality kits and have just recently begun to start collecting toys (New Material Model Gundams, a lot of robots from different Chogokin lines , and of course Macross 1/60 and 1/48 scale toys to name a few). I'm still relatively new to the toy scene, but having come from plastic model kits I am extremely pleased with the sheer number of the high quality replica toys that are available and that I have been able to obtain.

    mazpinoy's picture

    I just collect Bandai's Soul of Chogokin line and nothing else... Currently, I have GX01 to the present (just the color versions). I also have the PX's, BPX's and some of the SPEC's. I will never stray away from my collection focus... Don't try to encourage me because I don't want to go bankrupt.

    monsterforge's picture

    I collect all kinds of monsters. I have been a big Godzilla fan since I was a small kid watching the movies on Saturday afternoons on TV. I am an artist as well, and I would love to make monster toys of my own one day.

    JonathanYoung's picture

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    Lorddremen's picture

    I am 29 years old, a mecha freak first and foremost,I have loved anime and especially mecha anime since the age of 4 years old, That includes real and super variants.

    GrenadierStinny's picture

    Currently Collecting:
    SOC, TF Masterpiece, 25th Ann GI Joe, Masters of the Universe Classics, Revoltech Fist of the North Star, Microman, 1/6 military figures, Hot Toys Movie Masters