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    I'm basicaly a good guy hehe n_n I'm 30 years, married with a wonderful, pretty, funny and intelligent woman and of course, very happy! My love for toys came form the time I was a kid, I still love this stuff! (Mostly vintage kind).
    I was born and live in Mexico, in the always sunny Veracruz!

    p.s. No, I'm not actually a "PerV", I just love how the word souns, so is my usual net nickname. ?_?

    arthurz21's picture

    in general i like soul of chogokin toy line made of pvc and plastic about robots i think is one of the best toy line and great quality

    Mixcoac's picture

    I am Biologist, with a tesis about Paleontology, and am enthusiast about all science, like a fan, but not a Fanatic, and is the same with me collection, i collect figures, model kits and toys because i like it, not because i have to... so.. i don′t have a single collection "complete", my collection starts with my chilhood, and with the diorama and model railroad of my father, 1/87 scale or "HO", and i big truck from a
    brand call "Tonka"... with a lot metal in it, it was so big that i was able to be on it.. of course i was 4 years old.

    Bto17's picture

    hi, mi name is albert im form mexico, and basically i collect saint cloth myth toyline im also interested in collecting revoltech toys and some robotech stuff, now i got 33 saint cloth myth figures and 2 revoltech toys, i have been collecting figures for 2 year