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    Revoltech Raiden from Metal Gear Rising Revengeance Updated

    Reports from Twitter show the Kojima crew messing around with a Revoltech of Raiden from the PS3 game Metal Gear Rising Revengeance. This is everyone's favorite cyborg ninja (well, second favorite) from the Metal Gear series fresh off his amazing slice 'em up with a fake word in the title. This nasally voiced agent of justice comes with his signature High Frequency Blade, his knife, an extra head with his visor down, blue and red eye pieces, a mounting bracket for attaching the HF Blade to his foot, the box, multiple hands, a watermelon for slicin', and the usual assortments of Revoltech gear like a stand, Revocontainer, etc. Raiden is coming out in November 2013 for 4,480 yen. 


    You can preorder Raiden at Big Bad Toy Store.













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    Posted 7 August, 2013 - 11:17 by VF5SS