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    Reborn One-Hundred MSK-008 Dijeh from Zeta Gundam Updated

    At long last the fan favorite Dijeh from Zeta Gundam is getting a modern model kit! It will be part of Bandai's new Reborn One-Hundred line of 1/100 scale kits that have the detail of a Master Grade with the ease of construction of a High Grade. Comes equipped with a beam rifle, clay bazooka, and beam naginata. Features its signature cooling fins. Scheduled for June 2015 for 3,500 yen. 

    The Dijeh is being brought stateside by Bluefin Tamashii. 

    "Amuro’s custom mobile suit used in the Zeta Gundam TV Series appears in model kit form for the first time ever to celebrate Zeta’s 30th anniversary.  Distinct appearance has been recreated with numerous surface details and modernized proportion and features movable mooneye, wide range of movement.  Beam naginata, clay bazooka, beam rifle included.  Runner x13, Sticker, Instruction Manual.  Approx 7.5” tall.  " MSRP is $38.05. 












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    Posted 4 May, 2015 - 07:55 by VF5SS


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    I actually really like this

    I actually really like this design. Surprise that this is where it will get its first new model since the 80's and not as a HG.

    VZMK2's picture
    Posted by VZMK2 on 2 April, 2015 - 13:03
    First time and right time

    Honestly, I'm happy about what we're seeing in the Reborn 100 line, it's the line made for almost unknown, obscure MS we'd never see in the Master Grade scale. Even though this was Amuro's Mobile Suit, it's not 'iconic enough' for his collection in MG class. If it's how I finally get a 1:100 scale Powered GM, Jegan, or GM Sniper, I'll be happier!

    Rob's picture
    Posted by Rob on 2 April, 2015 - 15:05

    Sweet! Just goes to show you can't release a char suit without an amuro mech as well! This and hyaku shiki 2.0 will nicely round out my zeta collection!

    Astronopolis's picture
    Posted by Astronopolis on 7 April, 2015 - 15:32