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    High Grade High Mobility Type Black Tri Stars Zaku II Gaia and Mash use from Gundam the Origin updated

    Following Char's Zaku II from Gundam the Origin is the souped up High Mobility Type as used by the Black Tri Stars in Gundam the Origin. Features new lower legs with extra thrusters and a new backpack. It is armed with a large anti-ship rifle, a Zaku bazooka, a machine gun, two Heat hawks (active and inactive), and extra bazooka magazines which can be affixed to its shield. This version can be built as Gaia's MS (with two shields) or Mash's (shield and shoulder spikes). Coming June 2015 for 2,000 yen.

    This Zaku will be available at US retailers thanks to Bluefin Tamashii. 

    "The high mobility Zakus of the Black Tri-Stars from Gundam The Origin come with parts to make either variant piloted by Gaia and Mash.  Distinct backpack and leg thrusters have been faithfully recreated and include Anti-Ship rifle, Bazooka, Machine Gun, spare ammo magazines, and heat hawk.   Special Black Tri-Star markings included via Tetron sticker.  Runner x13, Sticker, Instruction Manual.  Approx 5” tall." MSRP is $21.75. 






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    Posted 7 April, 2015 - 07:41 by VF5SS