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    Assemble Borg ∞NEXUS Series Intercept Motorbike Jackal

    This Assemble Borg arrives on the scene with a massive motorcycle. The Intercept Motorbike Jackal set comes with a highly detailed and fully articulated figure and a large cybercycle that can both be broken down into their component parts for lots of customizing fun. You also get a large selection of weapons (pistols, knives, and a sword) for the rider. Also included is a huge number of Revoltech joints to enhance your Assemble Borg builds. Scheduled for release in late February 2015 for 6,048 yen. People attending Winter Wonder Festival earlier in the month can purchase the set for 5,000 yen at the show.













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    Posted 20 January, 2015 - 08:00 by VF5SS