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    Unifive was an independent toy company until it was bought by toy giant Bandai in 2001. It was run as a subsidary of Bandai-owned Banpresto until 2006. Unifive produced both high-end diecast toys and cheap trinkets like gashapon and trading figures.


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    No.sort icon Toy name Year
    Varidorin 2002
    Godphoenix 2001
    Huckebein 2005
    Toros D-7 2003
    1 Mazinger Z 2000
    2 Great Mazinger 2000
    3 Garada K7 2000
    4 Gaiking 2000
    CSG-04 Daikyojin 2000
    SG-01 Mekabuton 1998
    U5-Z Jet Scrander 2000
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