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    • First off, congrats for becoming the most whiny member of this site I've seen in my more than 10 years of stay here. People here have more or less moved on with their lives and will not likely to answer you back on your rants that you make every now and then. I seldom visit this site and all I see in the recent comments are your rants about old toy reviews and attacking the reviewers themselves again.

      Second, I'm one of those people who say the Header gimmick and much of Goseiger's toy line sucks...it's called having a different opinion. Yes, you can have your own opinion in this day and age.

      Third, if you want to make a "redundant review," please make it a point to reel in your incessant whining for once and focus on just the toy itself.

      makaikishi   5 days 19 hours ago
    • What kind of batteries does this thing take? I realize you may have said in the video, but, well...

      ZeldaTheSwordsman   2 weeks 3 days ago
    • The reason I hope this is that that way, we might get a review that truly addresses the toy instead of being dominated by you being a salty baby about Headers and simplicity.

      "Transformations are exceedingly simple… which, if you regularly follow my reviews, you know I get bored with very quickly."
      Then it's a tad surprising you even got into Sentai mecha in the first place lol. Even the Gaoranger stuff wasn't that complicated, relatively speaking. As for the dragon partsforming, I think the results are worth it.

      "Oh, and by the way, I thought this was going to be the year that Super Sentai used trading cards as its primary cross-pollinating gimmick for the series? So, you’re telling me, Bandai and PLEX, that we now have two collecting gimmicks to keep track of in one series???"
      Cards are good in a general sense, but it takes about two seconds of thought to realize that while they're neat to have and work well with roleplay toys, they'd make a terrible interaction gimmick for mecha toys. Every mecha would have to have card-reading electronics (which would be cumbersome to include and costly besides), and adding mechanical interactivity based on the card-reading would further burden the designs.
      Hence, a second gimmick for the mecha that provides mechanical interactivity in a much cheaper and less cumbersome way.

      "Gosei Shark is by far the most malformed and misshapen of the bunch"
      Really. The second-most animalistic one, with an actual shark tail and everything, is the most malformed and misshapen. Really.
      I do not think those words mean what you think they mean.

      "(Are you telling me that, for all the articulation-less heads we’ve had throughout the years, those ears couldn’t have been designed to be molded in?)"
      First off, why are you complaining about them having that articulation? Second, if they'd been molded in they'd have actually been puny, because clearance.

      "(Is that really a sword, by the way? Actually, I don’t know what the hell to compare it to; it simply is, and that’s just not good enough.)"
      It's a sword. It's very obviously a bigass sword. If you can accept the smegging Kyoryu Origami as a sword, you can accept this. Your refusal to is just yet more of your saltiness about the Headers and partsforming tinging your perception.

      Your "Oh noes limb swapping" whinging is hilarious in hindsight, since the only limbswap is in Ground Gosei Great, as part of the group combination.

      I personally think the Headers are a cool idea - they're kinda the "living mask" concept in robot form, and I also find the way they 'wear' real vehicles to give themselves bodies a neat idea. I find vehicle-animal hybrids interesting, with how they play with the animalistic traits vehicles can have. In the context of Super Sentai, they also make for a great in-joke because of all the animal-named-but-not-actually-animal vehicle mecha from the pre-Zyuranger years. They're also something new - extremity-swapping instead of limb-swapping. And possibly made for cheaper sub-mecha to collect than the Engine Gattai and Samurai Gattai series (although I can't be sure, since a certain somebody forgot the SRP in his Skick Brothers review).

      Also, Gosei Tiger is a pun incarnate. What's the most well-known maker of tracked vehicles? Caterpillar - or, to use their official shorthand name for themselves, Cat. So Gosei Tiger is a cat made from a Cat.

      ZeldaTheSwordsman   2 weeks 3 days ago
    • Way to leave out the SRP, genius. And of course you've probably forgotten by now.

      Kinda surprised this was the set you rated "least ridiculous", comparing the hats.
      I would say the Seaick Brothers set is far better as far as what Gosei Great gets out of it: a hammer, a sawsword, and a stylish pirate hat.

      ZeldaTheSwordsman   2 weeks 3 days ago
    • DX Datas Hyper

      Geez, you were REALLY bitter about the Headers lol. Even though they work better as an overall gimmick for the mecha than cards would have. You're so salty about them that you throw the one mecha you can stick cards in - you know, that thing you thought was so superior - under the bus. Frankly, with how ungodly biased you are about the Headers someone else should have been put in charge of ALL the Goseiger reviews so that we could get something more balanced and useful.

      "There have been some unusual transformable helper mecha in the past- paper lantern, robot ninja-in-training, race car tire- but this one takes the cake as the one that has had the least amount of support from the fan base."
      American fans aren't the real fanbase lol. Especially not American fans who have zero tolerance for quirkiness and take SS too seriously. Get over yourself.

      Frankly, as Datas Hyper he looks more like a classic toku robot than any of the ones you mentioned (and is most likely an homage to Daitetsujin 17). The only REAL problem with him is that the column on the arcade control panel ends up impolitically positioned (at least on the suit, it's not as bad on the toy).

      ZeldaTheSwordsman   2 weeks 6 days ago
    • Mammoth Ranger

      This may or may not have included the front armor, but it definitely came with something nice: The Blade Blaster/Rangerstick in sword mode, an accessory most figures of this team lack. Be nice if someone could clone that piece, and also adapt it to the 5" fliphead rangers.

      ZeldaTheSwordsman   3 weeks 1 day ago
    • With the green coloration and the pinwheel shuriken, this Furaimaru seems like a hybrid of the original Furaimaru, and Tenkujin

      ZeldaTheSwordsman   3 weeks 2 days ago
    • X-Ray Turbo Megazord

      These are the unfortunate side effects of not having the money, time, or resources to upgrade the site to a more secure version. Best we can do is just delete them when we find them. If you see any, shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will get them taken care of. Thanks!

      JoshB   5 weeks 5 days ago
    • My reviews would just be straight to the point if I have the time but a lot of real life stuff keeps me busy nowadays, unfortunately. I wish siningy would return from limbo though to complete the entire DX Space Deleter review.

      makaikishi   5 weeks 6 days ago
    • X-Ray Turbo Megazord

      Some of the reviews here (I forgot specifically where I found it) have links to malware sites so someone's hacking the site probably without Josh's knowledge.

      makaikishi   5 weeks 6 days ago
    • X-Ray Turbo Megazord

      Was that intentional or was this review hacked? It came out of nowhere so I'm guessing it's probably hacked...

      Kaiketsu Blinder   6 weeks 2 hours ago
    • Oop I heard my name what

      Seriously, though- I've already had my fill of Kiramaiger at this point, and don't see myself getting any more than I already have.


      So at this point, feel completely free to do whatever you want with them on CDX.

      EVA_Unit_4A   7 weeks 1 day ago
    • Agreed. I own the original toy. Just buy that. It blows this new one out of the water in every way. Don't waste your money on this crappy remake.

      netkid   9 weeks 2 days ago
    • Luke's T-16 Skyhopper

      And then, 13 years later, it's STILL the only toy vehicle of the T-16!

      Tetsuryu   9 weeks 2 days ago
    • Getter Robo

      With all the new versions out, it's pretty unlikely this set will ever be reissued - which is really a shame because I don't particularly want to spend the aftermarket prices on this considering the aging rubber treads.

      Wish somebody made repro rubber parts for these, then it'd be no issue at all!

      Tetsuryu   9 weeks 3 days ago
    • This is definitely one of those toys that feels like a downgrade from the original. If you've got it then there's pretty much zero reason to get this one.

      Tetsuryu   9 weeks 3 days ago
    • Space Valour

      Maurizio Lobina of the band Eiffel 65 owned this as a kid. He has a photo of himself at Christmas with it. No idea if he still has the toy. You can see the photo at 1:45 in this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epnsRRPtoeU

      netkid   9 weeks 5 days ago
    • Crucified Predator

      Thanks! Corrected!

      JoshB   10 weeks 4 days ago
    • Crucified Predator

      The new Predator movie simple called "The Predator" was released in 2018.

      makaikishi   10 weeks 4 days ago
    • Will there never be a Spaceketeers SOC?

      70 billon versions of Mazinger, check.
      More Getter Robo than you can shake a stick at, check.
      Many Grandizers spinning around, check.
      Gaiking from SOC to King Arts, check.
      Even some Danguard Ace SOC and Yamato.
      But alas no Jesse Dart, Star-crow, Queen Cosmos....sniff

      My force five collection arch will it always be so broken.....

      Bandai I am talking to you, you bought out Popy...make some Spaceketeers stuff!

      AJProDie-Cast   10 weeks 5 days ago
    • Dabulas M2

      I really like the look of this guy. We need more two-headed mechs/kaiju.

      Scarfang_The_Slayer   10 weeks 6 days ago
    • Looks great. Love the retro blue color. Had a chance to pick up a vintage one of these a while ago and passed on it, regretting it now...

      JoshB   11 weeks 6 days ago
    • Mazinger Z

      Hello, Congratulations for this great review!

      * I′m from Mexico and I have this curious fact:

      This particular Mazinger its called "MAZINGER CHISPITA" (And why in the world is that? you may ask)...

      "CHISPITA" means "little spark", and that nickname was given because that was the name of the workshop that "creates" this rare guy.

      Cheers form Mexico!

      PerV   12 weeks 1 day ago
    • Getter Robo

      I have a review coming up at some point of the 1999 Burn! Robocon Chogokin release and it really made me realize how much I loved that era of toys. A nice sweet spot between being actual toys and Collector pieces. The whole collecting environment has changed so much since then.

      JoshB   13 weeks 1 day ago
    • Getter Robo

      I'm with you, I miss the late 90's and early 2000's in the collecting field. Everything felt fresh, new, and exciting. Could have been a sign of the times and the period in my life back then that I wish every day I could go back to re-live and make better choices in my life.

      CHEN   13 weeks 1 day ago