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    East Coast Summit 2007 Wrap Up


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    Great Times

    Looks like you all had a great time.


    Leonardo Flores

    We'll fight them on the Beaches!

    Showapop's picture
    Posted by Showapop on 6 July, 2007 - 11:39
    summit at Teh Jerk's house

    Agree. For a Summit that really sort of seemed to come together at the last minute, I'd say it was one of the best ones yet. Thanks to everyone who came and hope to see more next time...

    "This must be settled the way nature intended....with a vicious, bloody fight!"
    Onyx Blackman
    Principal, Flatpoint High

    NekroDave's picture
    Posted by NekroDave on 8 July, 2007 - 13:48